About Company

Phenom Data Enhancers is the leading provider of business email information services, database marketing services, data processing services and prospect email marketing solutions. For over 7 years we have provided email data solutions and services to leading companies in multiple industries by providing the most accurate and deliverable email addresses in the market Email content is an essential ingredient of every marketing program and Phenom Data Enhancers has the most comprehensive email information in the industry.

SIC Code? NAICS Code? We'll explain..

The Standard Industrial Classification (abbreviated SIC) was developed as a United States government system for classifying industries by a four-digit code Established in 1937, it is now being supplanted by the six-digit NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System), which was released in 1997. However certain government departments and agencies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), still use the SIC codes. The SIC codes can be grouped into progressively broader industry classifications: industry group, major group and division. The first 3 digits of the SIC code indicate the industry group, and the first 2 digits indicate the major group. Each division encompasses a range of SIC codes: for example, the division of manufacturing holds all SIC codes with the first two digits between 20 and 39. To look at a particular example of the hierarchy, SIC code 2024 (ice cream and frozen desserts) belongs to industry group 202 (dairy products), which is part of major group 20 (food and kindred products), which belongs to the division of manufacturing.

We work with clients to maximize revenue by Contact Discovery, Profiling, Nurturing and Account Reactivation as well as connecting with the right decision makers within their targeted customer and prospect base.

Fields delivered:

Company Name, URL, First Name, Last Name, Title, Email Address, Telephone Address, City, State, Zip, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, NAICS code, etc..

Sources of our data:

1. We split apart and catalog 5,200 phone books, annual reports and other business directories to find information on nearly every business in the nation.

2. Technology Tradeshows, Seminars, Conferences, Market Research, Webinars, B2B Portal, Magazine Subscriptions, Online submissions etc.

3. We call every business to make sure you have the most reliable information available.

4. 50,000 new businesses are added every week from sources such as new business registrations and utility hookups so you can be the first to reach a hot new property.

5. Every month, we match and clean the data with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4 and delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.

6. Also, we send out an opt-outmailer to all the contacts before including them in our database to ensure that they are permission based. Hence making the complete database Opted In.

Data Verification/ Validation Process:

1. We email approximately 10 mm messages per month to our file on behalf of clients and company newsletters at least twice per year, which also helps keep the file clean. Bounces are scrubbed daily, and all opt out requests are processed within 24 hours.

2. We maintain all open and click history on each email record in our master repository. The data team tracks and records all opens and read receipts along with click/open history. A subset of this team focuses on processing opt-out requests, scrubbing hard bounces from campaigns, and managing ISP relations. All remove requests are processed within 24 hours.

3. We receive bounces and opt-outs from our clients and partners on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as part of our standard agreements, which we then research and suppress on our file.

4. All email addresses receive an SMTP verification once per quarter which is a server to server ‘handshake’ that ensures that the email address is still active. All contacts also receive an eNewsletter from us once per quarter.

5. The degree to which consent is addressed can vary based on our data sources, but all have been vetted as having privacy policies and clear notice that the contact is giving their permission to receive third party marketing messages.

6. As an added step, we send permission passes to all records that enter our master repository, providing them the ability to opt out. Additional permission passes are sent to contacts during email append projects and prospect email campaigns on behalf our clients always allow contacts to opt-out both at the ‘client level’ (our client) or at the ‘list owner level’

7. We update every data field that are collected and stored in our master data file via SMTP check, DNS Look up, NCOA, Tele updates.

8. Depending on the data source, we use website registration, permission pass, tele campaign etc. to get Consent before using, selling, renting or licensing the data.

9. We verify all the data provided & ensure we got their emails and contact details verified again by our telemarketing team.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Delivery Time and Format: List will be delivered in an excel book format and list will be verified and delivered within 5 to 7 business days on receipt of payment.

2. Email List Validity Guarantee: We offer a 90% accuracy guarantee on all mailing and telephone records. If we don't achieve this within the full database, we offer a replacement on any inaccurate records or refund the money. We may lose/gain records in the process of our triple verification.

2. Opt-in Process: We offer only the finest data, which is updated quarterly to ensure that you will receive the highest quality list. With every order, we ensure our list are clean and in full compliance with do not call rules and regulations by verifying all the emails for deliverability and validity so that our clients get only good and valid emails. It means Outstanding Information. For Countries like Canada and Germany, there are stringent laws like CASL in place and considering these, we do not recommend buying emails for these countries. If you still need emails, we can deliver but we leave the compliance and subscription process to you as a customer.